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  • Lente van Rooyen

    Good Evening. My name is Lente and I am married to Gerald van Rooyen who used to be a scholar at Sedaven. His Mother is Wendy van Rooyen and Father was Gotlieb van Rooyen. Uncle Smuts van Rooyen and Billy van Rooyen will also be known to your church. Pastor Steenberg use to be Principal at the time of Gerald’s school period. We have a project to assist two old people who are relocating to Heidelberg on the 1st of July, to unpack their household as they are not healthy enough to do so. We have been searching for accommodation, but it is just to expensive for us. We are looking for a room for the evening of the 2nd and the 3rd of July and are willing to pay. Would you be able to assist us in any way? We do not need any other services ie. breakfast on supper, just a please to sleep, toilet and bath facilities. We will really appreciate if you could assist us in any way. Our contact details are: Gerald – 081 026 4771 or Lente – 071 955 9630, email: or bbm – 24E2898F. Thank You so Much. Regards – Lente (God Bless!)

    • AdventSeat


      Please contact the school directly for such requests in the future. Thank you.