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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in JHB South, Northern Conference | 3 comments



Welcome to Bassonia Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Our Address is 66 Steenbok Ave, Johannesburg South 2061. Come and Worship with Us!


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We’ve saved a Seat for you at Church this Sabbath!

  • Elsie

    It would be very helpful if the this site gave more information regarding service times.
    I get the impression that the church services are by invitation only.

    • AdventSeat

      Hi Elsie,

      That is a great suggestion which we will look into adding. We see now that such information would be helpful for those not familiar with our denomination. All churches do not start at these times but these are the general times that most churches do abide by. Sabbath School begins at 9:15am and the Divine Hour begins at 11am.

      Services are definitely not by invitation only, all are welcome. We hope you will join one of the churches this Sabbath since they would be happy to have you. Be Blessed.

  • gawynne

    hey elsie well im not a member just browsing,but why would you say so because I don’t get this impression